Quickie P-11

The Quickie P-11 is Sunrise Medical's rising new star. Designed to fit into tight indoor spaces, the P-11 is not only extremely maneuverable but it's also one of the easiest power chairs in the market to transport. Its mid-wheel design turns on a dime, while the small base size keeps it from banging into things. If you are looking for outstanding maneuverability in a package that is small enough to transport without a lift, the P-11 is the chair for you.


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Quickie S-11

The Quickie S-11 is the most stable mid-wheel drive chair in its class. It's small enough to use indoors and large enough to take on the street. It features large 7in. front casters to negotiate tall curbs, and all 6 wheels are designed to stay in contact with the road, providing excellent stability. The S-11 is also one of the fastest chairs in its class. For a chair that is ready to go - tough and dependable - check out the Quickie S-11. You won't regret it.

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