Quickie P-11

The Quickie P-11 is Sunrise Medical's rising new star. Designed to fit into tight indoor spaces, the P-11 is not only extremely maneuverable but it's also one of the easiest power chairs in the market to transport. Its mid-wheel design turns on a dime, while the small base size keeps it from banging into things. If you are looking for outstanding maneuverability in a package that is small enough to transport without a lift, the P-11 is the chair for you.

Product Highlights

Ideal for Tight Indoor Spaces
Indoor power wheelchairs need to be small and maneuverable to be successful. With this in mind, the P-11 was designed with one of the smallest footprints in the industry. The power base almost hides under the seat. Combined with a mid-wheel drive gives you a chair that can be driven and parked just about anywhere.

Perfect Weight for Easy Transportation
The Quickie P-11 disassembles into 3 very manageable components: power base, folding seat, and wireless detachable-battery. Each component can be lifted and stored in a vehicle.

Constant-Contact Casters
The P-11 features constant contact casters for optimal stability. This feature, combined with a mid-wheel drive, ensures both the safety of the user and their ability to maneuver in tight spaces.

Choose Your Style
Like the Aspire and the Freestyle, the Quickie P-11 ships standard with 4 interchangeable shroud colors: blue, black, red, champagne. This design allows users to switch colors.

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